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How Cleanliness Can Affect Your Business

Nov 15, 2022 | Cleaning tips, Commercial cleaning, News

When you visit a business, the first thing you usually notice is how clean it is – or isn’t. You might think that it doesn’t matter to your bottom line if the floors are dirty and the toilets have been neglected, but lack of general cleanliness can have a negative impact on your business in lots of ways, regardless of the type of establishment you operate. 


Send the Right Message To Your Clients

Having a clean commercial space is not just about looking professional; it also sends an important message to your clients. A clean office might help them feel more confident in what you do for them, and if they visit your facility frequently, an untidy space can create some trust issues that could ultimately lead to unhappy customers. 

Keeping a neat and tidy workplace has its benefits for everyone.  Studies show that people who work in messy environments are more prone to illness than those who keep their workspace clean and organised, so setting aside time on a weekly basis to clean off your desk will not only make you feel better but will make it easier for you to focus during business hours.


Organisation is Key

An organised workspace will also make it easier for you to find what you need when you need it. It can be tempting to use items on your desk for several different purposes, but these practices are actually one of many causes of cluttered desks. If there’s too much on your desk, you may lose important documents or take longer than necessary to locate tools that help run your business, which means wasted time and effort that could have been better spent elsewhere. 

Furthermore, a clean office gives off a good impression not only to clients but also potential employees who may visit during the interviewing process.


Get Lost Hours Back

It goes without saying that keeping your business spotless will boost productivity and help boost employee morale – but you might be surprised at just how much money keeping things tidy can save you.  

In an office, for example, a dirty workspace leads to germ transmission from computer keyboards, surfaces, furniture, floors and telephones  – meaning germs spread more easily from person to person. In fact, studies have shown that each new germ costs people an average of 48 minutes of work every year! 

Contracting a commercial cleaner has many benefits and helps to keep everyone productive, happy and healthy!