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Valentine’s Day: ​4 cocktails for a romantic night in

Valentine’s Day means something different to everyone. Some will go with a classic romantic meal, ... continue reading

Managing your book collection: a gentle approach for bibliophiles

There’s been a lot of chatter online about the Netflix show Marie Kondo’s: the life-changing mag ... continue reading

Leaving a rented property the right way

When moving out of a rental property, you’re certainly looking to the future - a new environment, ... continue reading

Quick guide: how to gloss skirting boards

As we start a New Year, everyone is feeling introspective and striving to improve themselves and the ... continue reading

Preparing to move: how to pack

Moving home? Congratulations! However, relocating is fraught with stress and necessitates careful pl ... continue reading

Quick Guide: storing Christmas decorations

Decorating the house for Christmas to create a cosy winter wonderland is one of the best things abou ... continue reading

Try something new on New Year’s Eve

Have you, like us, been asked “So, what have you got planned for New Year’s Eve?” innumerable ... continue reading

Ways with Christmas leftovers

There are far too many wonderful and seasonal recipes to enjoy over just a couple of days, but buyin ... continue reading

Christmas for the non-Christmassy

Christmas, although exciting and warm and nostalgic, demands quite a lot of us. Christmas adverts on ... continue reading

A handmade, homemade Christmas

Like it or not, the time to start planning Christmas gifts is nigh! Over time, it can become more an ... continue reading

Spread a smile of joy – giving back at Christmas

Christmas is a time when our hearts warm at the thought of presents, decorations, food and drink, an ... continue reading

When the lights go out: how to deal with a power cut

Power cuts happen infrequently, but they can be really troublesome if you haven’t prepared for the ... continue reading

Eyes aglow: Christmas trends 2018

You might be surprised to learn that fashion trends aren't confined to the catwalk, especially not w ... continue reading

Christmas: the countdown is on!

Please consider the opening lines of this blog as a deterrent to any Scrooges, Grinch-like misers or ... continue reading

Quick Guide: preparing your home for winter

It's that time of year when the sun is paling, night falls too fast and we're piling on the extra la ... continue reading

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