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Winter-proofing your skin

Winter really does a number on your skin. Suffering from sensitised and dehydrated skin all of a sudden? You’re not alone. Thanks to inclement weather outside and central heating indoors, our blood vessels can constrict, reducing blood flow to the skin which results in dehydration and sensitivity.

Winter conditions include cold temperatures and less humidity which leads to water loss. This can result in dry and irritated skin. Staying indoors isn’t the answer, either. The forced hot air or radiant heat from central heating produces very dry, hot air, which only makes your skin woes worse.

There are so many great products to use, but today’s blog isn’t about listing them. Instead, we recommend looking for some key features so that wherever you shop, you’ll find something that suits you. Firstly, skip the soap.Traditional bar soap dries skin out by stripping the natural oils. Instead, opt for a non-soap cleanser which will be gentle to your skin. Heavier creams (like body butters) are better than summery, shimmery lotions. Ceramides are the skin’s natural fatty acids, which rebuild and protect the skin barrier, so opt for something with those.

Eau Baby!

You’ve probably had this preached at you time and time again, but honestly, remaining hydrated is 90% of the work. Hydrate from the inside, and have plenty of water, rather than constant hot and milky drinks so many of us crave at this time of year. Aim for two litres a day, and your skin will glow!

Over-hot water is problematic when in direct contact with your skin, too. Take shorter showers, and moisturise immediately afterwards. After a very hot shower, the water evaporates, taking the moisture in your skin with it. Combat this by applying a repairing body oil that will prevent moisture evaporation. Increasingly, you can purchase in-shower oils, or you can apply it as you get out.


Lips suffer the most during the winter as they struggle to retain moisture like the rest of the face. To ensure a kissable pout, buff once or twice a week with a toothbrush, and apply a deeply-moisturising natural lip balm (we love Dr. Paw Paw!). Avoid petroleum-based products like Vaseline as they actually dehydrate your lips further.


Hand-washing and alcohol-based sanitisers dry out skin, which only exacerbates the issues that the seasonal weather bring. When washing hands, try a fragrance-free, non-soap cleanser and moisturise your hands after every wash. The best hand creams contain dimethicone, which coats your skin to create a glove-like barrier that protects against further damage. Wearing cotton gloves in bed at night can help a whole lot. Wear gloves. Protect your hands from the elements. In fact, wear gloves when you’re outdoors, washing dishes, or touching chemicals or grease.


Feed your face with a super-nourishing homemade mask packed with natural nourishing oils, vitamins, healing enzymes and peptides. “Mash half an avocado and mix with a dollop of honey and a teaspoon of natural yoghurt or goat’s milk yoghurt. Apply to the face, leave for up to 20 mins, take the time to lie still and relax, this will run off your face if you are trying to do the house work at the same time.”

Sweat it out

Despite the weather being colder and our tanking motivation, we still can’t recommend exercising enough. Exercise boosts circulation, oxygen flow feeding the skin, and facilitates better metabolism function that’s crucial for gut health, which in turn has a positive impact on the health of our skin.

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