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Try something new on New Year’s Eve

Have you, like us, been asked “So, what have you got planned for New Year’s Eve?” innumerable times already this month? Like us, do you just not know yet? Many people spend this special night out on the town or host a big party, but there’s no rules when it comes to NYE and nothing to say you can’t celebrate it (or not) as you see fit.

If you’re throwing a party, we hope that it’s full of fizz, glitter and huge hugs with best mates, but today, we’re going to suggest some alternatives to a big bash! Who knows, maybe you’ll try something new to see in 2019?

Sing your heart out

Yes, the karaoke bars and pubs will be open but you don’t need to get dressed up to be a singing star!

YouTube is glutted with videos like those used in bars so grab yourself a mic (battery-operated or chargeable ones are easy to get hold of – try B&M or Currys) and sing your heart out in the comfort of your front room. You can choose a theme, or just celebrate a great year with the hits of 2018!

Sophisticated, daaaahling

You can still be social without dancing around your handbag and mingling with a roomful of strangers.

If you enjoy food and have a few close friends, have a dinner party instead! There’s nothing more civilised than sitting around a table with great food and brilliant conversation. However, depending on your culinary skills, cooking a large meal has the potential to be stressful. If you like the idea but are anxious about pulling it off, put all your focus into planning the menu and ask guests to bring one of the dishes.

Treat yourself

You’ve spoiled your loved ones over the Christmas period so now it’s time to think of you, especially if you got money or vouchers as a gift.

Grab a glass of something fizzy and some nibbles, get online and spend it on something special – the January sales start earlier every year, don’t miss out!

Go it alone

This idea may be horrifying to social butterflies, but it’s a gentle reminder to those who enjoy alone time that they aren’t compelled to ‘join in’.

There’s certainly something to be said about New Year’s Eve being a night for quiet contemplation about the coming year. Yes, you can do this any time but many people would relish some time to relaxing and reflecting… and waking up without a hangover!

Play your cards right

Time spent with friends can make the best memories and that can be a gift to you all on New Year’s Eve.

Make it a pyjama party or enforce a smart-casual dress code and get stuck into some classic games – Monopoly, Cluedo, Cards Against Humanity, Poker… anything goes! The alternative for many is sinking several hundred pounds into a ‘once-a-year’ experience, so pitching in for a game and some pizzas is a great budget-friendly option too.

Get a jump on Dry January

Okay, okay, we’re not trying to be the fun police and peel the wine glass from your hand! The reality is, many people attempt a detox as January rolls around, and in our view, it’s much better to start this with a positive leap than a punitive measure against yourself.

Get stuck into preparing some mocktails – tasty, potentially good for you and 100% alcohol free! Need some inspiration? Check out this blog post out we wrote earlier in the year!

Whether alone, or with a big group, whether splashing out and making an effort or having a stripped-back and introspective evening, we’d like to wish you a very Happy New Year!

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