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The Big Spring Clean: tips for giving your home that ‘fresh feel’

We’re so excited to bid farewell to the harsh and bitter cold we’ve experienced this winter and we’re delighted to see the evenings becoming light. Spring is here and with it the ubiquitous Spring Clean.

Spring Cleaning is a tradition for many households still because the results make us feel great, ready to welcome in the freshness and warmth of summer. However, the size and scope of the Spring Clean means it risks becoming a laborious and often unfinished task. We’re here to tell you it doesn’t need to be!

1) Treat yourself

How often do we replace cleaning products past their best? The answer is probably ‘not as often as we should’. You won’t get the most out of your dusting if you use the same cloth to swiff the shelves with over and over again! You’ll only move dust from one place to another and increase bacteria on surfaces that were once clean.

Don’t worry though, you needn’t spend a fortune! Antibacterial wipes go a long way on most surfaces and you can get bundles of trusty microfibre cloths in many pound shops.

2) Recruit some assistance

Are you making the most of your dishwasher? It can be your best friend, if you let it.

You can wash children’s plastic toys (without batteries) in the dishwasher or plastic picnic dinnerware along with your normal detergent or tablet, while you get on with something else… or just have a cuppa!

What’s great about washing toys this way is that they’ll be properly sanitised, allowing for safe play.

3) A lick of paint goes a long way

Without counting, how many cans of leftover paint have you got in the shed? If you’ve done more than a couple of décor overhauls and retained the paint, you can probably pool together enough paint for a fun new project!

If you’re looking to give the home a fresh new look, maybe repaint a piece of furniture or dip-dye the legs of a chair.

4) Elbow grease

Many people will only give their appliances a good clean in response to a spill but keeping on top of it can save you so much hard work in the long run. Appliances that use heat or water are breeding grounds for bacteria, so keep them clean should keep you healthy and happy.

Oven cleaning kits are available at competitive prices in most supermarkets and are very easy to use. They contain very corrosive chemicals though, so ensure you follow the instructions to the letter.

5) Edit yourself

When décor feels a little tired, you don’t always need to add something to improve it. Less really can be more. Go ahead and remove any and all elements that are making your sanctuary less suited to your personal style.

Keeping furniture, textiles and knick-knacks to a minimum draws focus to the things you want to be seen and enjoyed.

6) Freshen Up Fabrics

With being indoors for much of the winter, all our favourite snuggly things get used more frequently and end up pretty stale. Curtains, bed linen, rugs, cushions and bath mats all benefit from a good wash, and they can leave your home smelling much fresher, too. Remember to vacuum sofas and mattresses too, as these get dirtier than you think!

7) Let the outside in

If the April Showers stop for long enough, get all the windows open and let fresh air circulate throughout. It will whisk away lingering winter staleness and wake you up for the task at hand.

If you’re doing the Spring Clean over one weekend, having the windows open will also prevent the atmosphere becoming heavy with cleaning chemicals.

8) Take stock

Each night about 10 minutes before bedtime, ‘take a tour’ and tidy up / put away / throw out any clothes, shoes, toys or papers that are lying around.

It’s a small amount of time to get the house back in order and you’ll feel very satisfied with yourself each morning (let’s face it, they are hectic enough without having to worry about tidying up).

9) Flora and fauna

We’re currently still burning our Christmassy scents at home, but as spring rolls around, it’s important to invest in a fresher scent that will leave you relaxed and enjoying the ambience of the season.

Fresh flowers are a lovely touch and can make your home feel brand new again, particularly if you’re having guests over.

If you don’t like fresh flowers in the house, IKEA is great for budget-friendly house plants that are extremely hardy. We recently wrote a blog on easy-care houseplants if you need some inspiration. Check it out here.

The sense of satisfaction that comes from showing your home some love is incomparable; you’ll discover a renewed sense of harmony in your sanctuary, and your mind and body will thank you.

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