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Small is beautiful: making a tiny kitchen work for you

As we’ve been cooped up for months, it feels like everything in the home can become an irritation, particularly if you’re tight on space.

This week, we’re talking about optimising a tiny kitchen. When looking online for inspiration, it’s rare that you’ll come across a pokey heart of the home, so it can be a challenge to know where to begin.

Fear not; they might not be making the cover of a housekeeping magazine but we’ve got plenty of chic suggestions to make your kitchen function better. These room-expanding ideas will show you how to use your kitchen more efficiently.

tiny kitchen

1. Declutter

Before you make any semi-permanent change, start at the very beginning. The quickest, cheapest way to make some room is to have a thorough declutter. Leave no stone unturned – there’s no room for a ‘tat drawer’ in a weeny kitchen.

Furthermore, it’s a hopeless endeavour to have lots of appliances and storage containers on worktops when you there’s limited space to work. We’ve recently published a blog here about decluttering the kitchen. If you haven’t read it already, have a read and catch up with us back here.

2. Spread out

Whilst you can free up the room you already have, you can’t conjure up additional square footage. If there’s not enough space in your tiny kitchen to accommodate these changes, think about using a nook or cupboard. You can use it to stash kitchen tools you use or make your own pantry. If there’s no door and you don’t want to leave the area exposed, a curtain can keep the contents away from view.

3. Add an island

Adding a kitchen island might sound like a terrible idea in a small kitchen, but if you’re kitchen is long and thin as opposed to a small square, it’s a great means of adding in extra storage and surfaces whilst also creating a sociable space. Choose an island with plenty of storage space underneath for stowing away vegetables and linens. 

4. Make a sink a surface

If you can’t spare the floor space, an over-the-sink cutting board is an creative and quick fix to create more room as you prepare a meal. Not only does it give the illusion of more room, but you can easily rinse food items as you prep them from this spot.

5. Don’t cut corners

Corner space is criminally underutilised in homes. They can be awkward, but if you’re trying to make every square inch in your small kitchen count, we’re sure that you can find a way to make them matter! 

6. Draw-er inspiration

Drawers are a powerful tool for organising, so designating one as oversized pen and battery holder is a tremendous waste of space and encourages further clutter.

If you’re a keen cook or baker, you’ve got a real opportunity here. Transforming your tat drawer into a spice drawer or baking supplies drawer will make it easier to enjoy your hobbies, and don’t you deserve to?

7. Paint

If you’ve got some resource to overhaul the kitchen décor, you can be clever and create the illusion of space in a small kitchen by painting the cupboards in the same colour as the walls.

This effect will be especially successful when using a white or grey colour scheme as it makes the room feel light and airy.  A uniform wash of paint keeps the space looking neat and spacious.

8. Keep it clean

There’s no getting around it; small kitchens have to be cleaned regularly because if the space is dirty in one area, the whole kitchen will feel dirty because it’s always close by in a small room.

Dinnertime can create the greatest calamity, but if you try to create a routine of doing the dishes and putting them away, you won’t quite mind shuffling bleary-eyed into the kitchen for your morning coffee the next day (we hope!).

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