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Quick guide: cleaning kitchens

With three meals a day, baking sessions with the kids, spilled drinks and plates piled high, the kitchen is quite possibly the most lived in room of the house. It’s also most likely to be the messiest room of the house too. Keeping it clean? Well, you probably try but it can feel a bit like an uphill battle!

Most of us have allowed the mess to build up occasionally, leaving us to tackle one full-on deep-cleaning session. That’s why we’ve created this quick guide to cleaning kitchens. Follow the guide a few times a week – spending no more than 30 minutes at a time cleaning – and you’ll keep your kitchen fresh and clean.

1. Clear the decks

Sounds simple enough but keeping worktops clutter free really makes a difference. Get rid of the piles of letters, cookbooks, pens and notepads and put them back where they belong! More clutter means more dirt and a longer cleaning schedule.

2. Have a good soak

Fill the sink with some hot, soapy water and drop in any large dirty items – this could be anything from the microwave turntable to cutlery trays. Leave them to have a good soak while you work on the rest of the kitchen.

3. Big chill

Get right to the back of the fridge and chuck out shrivelled veg, half empty tins and forgotten food items. Clear out anything past its best, empty dirty storage containers and put them in to soak with the other items. Clean the fridge interior and exterior with an all-purpose cleaner – don’t forget the top of the fridge – notorious for being dusty and greasy!

4. Get inside

Using a kitchen-specific cleaning spray, spritz the inside of the microwave and the stovetop; let it sit awhile to get to work on tough food stains. In the meantime, wipe down the exterior of the microwave with a soapy cloth. After a couple of minutes, wipe down the stove and inside of the microwave with a dry cloth.

5. Remember, remember

Remember those soaking items from step 2? Now’s the time to load them into the dishwasher, or hand wash them yourself. Fill up the dishwasher with any other dirty dishes you still have to do.

6. Crumbs!

Empty the toaster crumb tray and upend the machine to dislodge all the crumbs stuck inside too – you might want to put down some kitchen paper to catch the worst of it.

7. To the tops

With worktops, your choice of cleaner will depend on your surface. Start scrubbing with small and circular motions until they’re sparkling and free of grease, crumbs and stains.

8. Everything but the…

Believe it or not, something often overlooked is the kitchen sink itself! Drain the bowl and give it a good rinse with hot water. Use a mildly abrasive cleaner and cloth to buff the basin and wipe down the taps; it will quickly come up shiny and free of residue.

9. Bag it and bin it

Empty the rubbish bin – it’s easy to forget with recycling collections taking much of our daily waste out of the main bin. Between bags, give it a quick clean with a cleaning wipe to prevent any bad smells from building up.

10. Floored not flawed

Last but not least: the floor. First, give it a good sweep, making sure to get right under the cabinets where crumbs and dirt like to lurk. With the mop, start at the furthest corner of the room, using a bucket and some floor cleaner.

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