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Preparing for a lockdown Christmas

Irrespective of whether restrictions are lifted over the next few weeks, it’s become clear that 2020 won’t end with a conventional Christmas. The impact of coronavirus means that office pub crawls and trips to the panto are off the roster, but that doesn’t mean all hopes of a festive atmosphere should be dashed.

The thought of not seeing some of our loved ones for the big day is very upsetting, but to distract yourself from that sadness, consider how that extra time might pave way for a different kind of magical experience.

We’ll all be at home more in the run-up to ensure online shopping deliveries of gifts and supplies can be taken care of well in advance, and you may also have some extra time to prep for some cosy nights at home with a twist .

You needn’t wait until you break up from work to enjoy these activities either – goodness knows we’re all forgiven for a little festive joy in November!


Winter sparkle 

Winter has become somewhat synonymous with Christmas, which can take the focus away from what’s happening in the natural world during the season. Find somewhere to go for a bracing walk where you can appreciate all the beauty that the cold months can bring.

Ice patterns, the warm huff of your breath in the cold air, seeing how many different winter colours you can see, foraging some gorgeous Christmas foliage for your hearth or Christmas table – it’s all magic. Embrace what is going on around you and then return home and put on the fire and light some candles to create a cosy vibe as a perfect balm against the cold. 

Christmas doorstep photos

Doorstep photography became really popular this year, and it’s become the go-to option for families who typically have photoshoots at Christmas or who create a family Christmas card. Why not give it a go?

Many local photographers are embracing this new service, so don your Christmas jumpers or bit of glitz, arrange your household together and hey presto – you’ve got a great keepsake of a peculiar year and the extended family who have missed you all can have a copy to coo over. If hiring a photographer isn’t on the cards, you can have a go yourself. You just need a selfie stick or tripod and some Christmas decorations!

Send something to bake or make

Help your loved ones avoid a Christmas slump by giving them something to do. Send a jar of all the dry ingredients so they can make cookies, gingerbread, brownies etc. or perhaps a festive cross-stitch set or gingerbread house kit. You could do the activity together via video call if you’re unable to meet up, and it’ll feel more like Christmas together.  

Speaking of video calls…

Make sure that you plan some video calls ahead of Christmas proper. People typically have lots of things planned, and lockdown or no, it’s important to have some dates in the diary if you plan a large digital get-together.

By all means quiz away, but why not try a new game? Someone on the call shouts out an object that you have in the house, and the first person to return to the screen with that object gets a point. 

The day itself

Keep it going

In the morning, only open a stocking or a couple of small gifts. By opening things throughout the day (and beyond!) keeps the excitement going, but keeps your interest in each gift a little longer and you won’t get overwhelmed.

If you want to up the ante, a Christmas present hunt can really build an appetite for turkey and all the trimmings! Hide presents around the house. If you’re feeling really creative, you could create a treasure hunt with clues!

The silver lining

Does Aunt Dorothy insist on sprouts when everyone else hates them? Do you forego your treasured parsnips because you’re the only one who likes them and you need room in the oven?

This Christmas, treat yourself with things that YOU want to eat. No judgement, no rules. Will the kids only eat potatoes if they’re shaped like a smiley face? We’re sure they’ll go lovely with the turkey. Invest in your family favourites, and RELAX. We think that Christmas dinner should be the best meal of the year, so do it your way.

Get fancy 

Just because it’s your household, you should still have a sense of occasion every now again, particularly when jogging bottoms and pineapple hair buns have been the default for much of lockdown. Get out that special dress that you save for Christmas. Save your Christmas jumpers and cosy PJs for the rest of the day. 

Christmas 2020 brings with it a chance for celebration and a welcome relief from what’s been a whirlwind of a year, so take some time to embrace what might seem a little different, because there’s still plenty to enjoy!

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