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Our tips for gorgeous glassware in minutes

Considering how low maintenance glassware is to clean, it can end up looking dull, cloudy, and worse for wear in no time. While it seems as though it can have the same treatment as all your other drinkware, crockery and cutlery, it takes a little extra love for your glassware to look its best.

Water wears out the look of your beloved glassware because hard water can leave a spotty white film on it over time, leaving it tired and dull looking. The good news is that it will be sparkling and ready for a large G&T in no time at all if you implement just a few changes.

Here are some tips for gleaming glassware!

Easy on the squeezy

Logic states that the more washing up liquid you use, the cleaner your glassware will be, right? Not the case. Don’t be tempted to go overboard! Wash one glass at a time and hold by the bowl, not the stem.

Feelin’ hot, hot, hot

Hot water is essential for cleaning glassware. Cold water won’t shift the bacteria and can’t break down the greasy residue that forms on the glass.

Prevention is better than cure

Always be gentle and avoid putting your hand inside the glass as pressure can cause breakage – use a soft brush instead. When it comes to the dishwasher, robust tumblers and inexpensive glassware can usually survive, but you should still take some preventative measures when using it. Your dishwasher can cause breakage, cracks and chips to glassware but if you arrange it properly, damage can be minimised.

Allow for enough space so that glasses don’t touch during a wash and use a delicate wash cycle option if your machine has one. Even with all this in mind, it’s still much safer to hand wash glassware – especially for anything pricey or that has sentimental value.

Don’t delay

If you want to prevent dull stains on your glassware, rinse it straight after use so that it will stay sparkly. Doing this removes stain-causing material and will stop leftover liquid from becoming sticky.

Back to basics

Consider trying natural cleaning solutions rather than harsh, chemical ones. White vinegar remedies most household ills because it’s the most versatile multipurpose cleaners money can buy. Add a few tablespoons to a dry dishcloth, and gently wipe it down the glass. You’ll be surprised by how much just doing this makes glasses shine.

If glasses are looking a little cloudy, rinse the glass in hot water and then gently rub fresh lemon slices over the surface before rinsing again. Lemon is especially good at removing odoirs that food and drink sometimes leave behind.

Steam so they’ll gleam

If you want to freshen up your glassware, bring a pan of water to the boil and carefully hold the glass over it by the stem, so the steam rises up. After a few seconds, wipe the glass dry and repeat for your other items.

Dry it out

While it’s easy to air dry your glasses, this can create water spots and cloudiness on the surface. You’ll need to exercise care, but you can avoid grubby marks if you thoroughly dry your glasses after every wash. Use unscented paper towels, or a lint-free dishcloth and gently wipe the glass until completely dry.

Whether you have a fancy punch bowl on display that you want to glitter or are having the gang over for summery cocktails, a few nifty tricks will make your glassware the envy of your friends!

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