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benefits of walking

Good for the soul: the mental health benefits of walking

“If a medication existed which had a similar effect to physical activity, it would be regarded as ... continue reading

cluttered kitchen countertop

Quick Guide: keeping countertops clean and clear

Having clean, clear countertops can help eliminate that cluttered feeling so easily from your kitch ... continue reading

wash your hands

Cleaning the high traffic areas of your home

Lack of understanding can be the catalyst for panic and we believe clear advice is essential to slo ... continue reading


Blooming lovely summer cocktails!

Summer time is really the perfect opportunity to create some beautiful, floral drinks. Edible flowe ... continue reading

How to create a beautiful bookshelf

Got more books than you know what to do with? You aren’t alone. We’re all strapped for time, so ... continue reading

Cocktail garnishes: what, where and when?

In recent years, cocktails have become super popular and are now part of the drinks menu in most ba ... continue reading

Light bites: reinventing the summer salad

As we’re not able to travel to our favourite restaurants at present, it falls to us to prepare al ... continue reading

Give your slump the hump – how to get jobs done

We’ve said it before, life is very strange right now and it’s been difficult for many of us to ... continue reading

COVID-19 Update

We are OpenBusiness as UNusual Well it has been a strange few weeks here at Cleaner Care Ltd! ... continue reading

Chill while you grill: BBQ for first-timers!

Given everything that’s going on right now, you might find yourself looking for more respite in t ... continue reading

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