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Christmas tree

What to do with your old Christmas tree

Lots of people (us included!) have decided to really embrace Christmas a little extra this year, wh ... continue reading

Prepping Your Home for a COVID-19 Christmas

Now that we know what we’re allowed to do as far as seeing loved ones this Christmas, we’re abl ... continue reading

festive canapés

‘Easy pleasy’ – festive canapés

You might be catering for slightly fewer people this year, but if you love hosting and don’t want ... continue reading

gifts from local shop

Shop small and share the love this Christmas

Are you feeling excited about Christmas yet? It seems like half of us are dreading it with all the ... continue reading

paying the bills

Keeping the bills low during lockdown

We’ve spent much of the last year cooped up, which has naturally driven up your bills, and as we ... continue reading

cleaning mistakes

The most common cleaning mistakes

Believe it or not, a lot of the housekeeping tips you hear could be totally bogus. And even though ... continue reading


Preparing for a lockdown Christmas

Irrespective of whether restrictions are lifted over the next few weeks, it’s become clear that 2 ... continue reading

Retro cleaning hacks

With so many conventional cleaning products relying on strong chemicals, some people are beginning ... continue reading

Decluttering to deal with

It feels as though we’ve been cooped up forever and for the lion’s share of this year, we have. ... continue reading

eating seasonally

Eating Seasonally – what’s it all about?

How environmentally conscious do you consider yourself to be? It seems that these days, we’re all ... continue reading

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