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paying the bills

Keeping the bills low during lockdown

We’ve spent much of the last year cooped up, which has naturally driven up your bills, and as we ... continue reading

cleaning mistakes

The most common cleaning mistakes

Believe it or not, a lot of the housekeeping tips you hear could be totally bogus. And even though ... continue reading


Preparing for a lockdown Christmas

Irrespective of whether restrictions are lifted over the next few weeks, it’s become clear that 2 ... continue reading

Retro cleaning hacks

With so many conventional cleaning products relying on strong chemicals, some people are beginning ... continue reading

Decluttering to deal with

It feels as though we’ve been cooped up forever and for the lion’s share of this year, we have. ... continue reading

eating seasonally

Eating Seasonally – what’s it all about?

How environmentally conscious do you consider yourself to be? It seems that these days, we’re all ... continue reading

mental health

Looking after your mental health as lockdown continues

Recent news ensures that we’re all going to be at home quite a lot over the coming months, cold w ... continue reading

cosy autumn

Cosy up for Autumn

As the chill sets in and the leaves begin to turn, we’re still feeling a bit all at sea with ever ... continue reading

store cupboard recipes

Our favourite store cupboard recipes

Struggling to get your usual favourite foods, self-isolating, or looking to save money on food shop ... continue reading

Making use of your food cupboard cache

The kitchen store cupboard is often overlooked in favour of the convenience of chucking something e ... continue reading

Top tips for homeschooling success

Lots of children have officially returned to school, but many families still don’t feel like the ... continue reading

Quick guide: cleaning light fittings

Light fittings looking a little drab? Grubby fittings can reduce your light levels and waste energy ... continue reading

tiny kitchen

Small is beautiful: making a tiny kitchen work for you

As we’ve been cooped up for months, it feels like everything in the home can become an irritation ... continue reading

garden ideas

Amazing (and easy) ways to transform your outdoor spaces!

Whether you have a tiny patio or an expansive garden our at-a-glance guide to creating a luxurious ... continue reading

candle cleaning

Caring for your candle collection

Ever since we Brits were introduced to the Scandinavian concept of hygge we've become more intere ... continue reading

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