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Getting on the ‘Nice List’: last minute Christmas jobs around the house

Christmas is probably one of only a few times a year that you, family and friends have some holiday time and the last thing you want to be doing is tedious household tasks! However owing to the time of year we’re all indoors a lot more so the house will need a little more TLC.

In the fortnight leading up to Christmas Eve, here are some jobs you can do around the house to ensure everything is spotless and in working order when festive guests arrive!

Safety first

You may well have elderly relatives visiting and little ones tearing around, so there are some measures you should take to safeguard guests from harm.

  • Take a view of the loo

While unpleasant to contemplate, the toilet sees more action at this time of year than any other.

If it isn’t flushing properly, you might need to replace a flapper valve (or the whole flush mechanism). This isn’t something you’d want to do with a house full of people! If the seat is wobbly, tighten the screws or invest in a new seat.

Oh, and make sure there’s plenty of loo roll to hand, too.

  • Get kid-friendly

To avoid nasty accidents, cover all electrical outlets, move ornaments/vases/lamps, cleaning products and medicines, and alcohol out of the reach of little hands. Safeguard stairs or other hazardous rooms, like the kitchen, with a baby gate if you have one, or ask the parents to bring one with them if they’re staying for a few days.

  • Play doctor

If you don’t already have a first aid kit, the essentials can be purchased in most supermarkets. Stock up on burn cream, ice packs, alcohol wipes, plasters and bandages, and pills such as paracetamol, ibuprofen and aka seltzer. That way you’ll have medical essentials on hand for any festive mishaps.

Keep it clean

  • ‘Spruce’ it up

Simply put, have a blummin’ good clean! You’ll get extra sparkle out of the decs with a glittering home! Scrub, wipe, dust and polish your way to clean and comfortable surroundings.

  • Clean your coffee maker

If fresh coffee is an annual treat, take a look at the drip opening on your coffee maker and the area surrounding it. You might get a shock as they can get very grimy. Clean with warm water, dish soap and a soft cloth – it may take some elbow grease but you’ll be sipping on delicious Italian grounds in no time.

  • Launder or dry clean any special outfits

Get your glad rags ready for party season ahead of time by washing, drying and ironing your favourite outfits. There’s less chance of the turkey burning if you’re not trying to get a stain out of your favourite frock or looking for a matching tie!

  • Stay sharp

Armed with a table-top or traditional sharpener, spend some time honing the edge on your kitchen knives. This is a really easy job, and will make chopping and carving a total doddle.

Get in the mood!

Once the boring bits are out of the way, there are a few last-minute jobs to really ramp up the excitement!

  • Get ready, set, bake

The aroma of Christmas baking is unlike anything else! It’s a great activity with children, and letting them decorate will keep them occupied if you have any ‘elf duties’ to see to.

  • Organise your tech

We love capturing the moment on camera so there’s nothing worse than running out of charge as they tear into their gifts on Christmas morning. Charge cameras and phones in advance, and make sure all cables and spare batteries are in one place if you need some extra juice.

  • Christmas morning kit

Fill a basket with the things you’ll need come Christmas morning. Bin bags are a MUST, and a pen and notepad are handy for keeping a track of the ‘thank you’ notes needed. Scissors and a box cutter will be useful for releasing the more fiddly gifts from their boxes. Oh, and batteries, lots of batteries!

Most of these jobs won’t take too long, but when spread out over the fortnight leading up to Christmas will reduce so much stress, allowing you to enjoy Christmas with your family as relaxed as you deserve!

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