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Decluttering to deal with

It feels as though we’ve been cooped up forever and for the lion’s share of this year, we have. Local restrictions have forced many of us back inside and we’ve been staring at the same four walls, finding lots of things that are irritating us… and it’s usually clutter. Decluttering is immensely beneficial for improving your sense of mind, not just the appearance of your home.

With more free time on your hands, you needn’t wait until March for some Spring cleaning. You just need to know where to start, and that’s where we come in. 

Spick & span psyche

We’re creatures who thrive when in calm, ordered surroundings, so our mental wellbeing can quickly shift from feeling at ease to on edge and unhappy and unproductive. Our homes can often reflect the person living there, so if you’re struggling to keep your home in order, perhaps you need to exercise a little more self-care to get you feeling great again.

Whether struggling with grief, loss or the inevitable isolation and low mood that comes from being cooped up, closing the door on the resulting clutter can have a profoundly detrimental impact on us. If we turn our hand to some clutter-busting, we can restore both focus and clarity with just a few well-planned minutes of work a day. 

“I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date!”

We’ve all got barely any time these days and we can think of 100 things we’d often rather be doing that tidying up but, did you know, it can take less than three minutes each day to form a new habit? 

Dedicate three minutes a day and ask yourself, what items would be missed if they weren’t there tomorrow? Taking an unsentimental approach to decluttering is really practical and will help you reclaim a small feeling of control when everything else feels like it’s getting away from you, but without getting overwhelmed by the scale of the task.

In the long run…

If you want to change the environment you live in over the course of one month, commit to a 30-day challenge where you’ll chuck, sell, donate or recycle one item every day. Feeling brave? Up the ante by throwing out one item today, two tomorrow and so on until, after 30 days, you’ll have removed 564 items cluttering your home. 

If you decide to do this, don’t get over-zealous and throw out the sofa with the family dog still snoozing on it! The items that you get rid of needn’t be huge pieces, but you can dispense with old rolls of yellowing Scotch tape and knackered baking trays, pieces of scrap paper and old tins but make sure you stick with it. Raise the stakes by having a friendly competition with a friend or family member. It’ll feel great to bond with someone over your shared success.

Clear up your virtual space

Clutter doesn’t just exist in the material world. What does your computer desktop look like right now? 

We are all guilty of letting emails rack up in our inbox at some point or other and although it’s incredibly convenient to have access to our work anywhere, let’s not see it everywhere.

If your inbox goes into triple figures, commit to deleting 20 e-mails a day until you’re down to just important e-mails (which should archive rather than leave in your inbox) or actionable e-mails. Now might be a good time to unsubscribe from mailing lists that don’t serve you, too.

If your desktop is cluttered with photos and PDFs that are currently homeless, have a filing session where you can find them easily when needed whilst having a clear space to greet you when you sign in. 

Time to re-evaluate

Right now there’s so much flux in our society, and we can choose to let the uncertainty bring us down or use it as an opportunity to improve the way we live. 

Sometimes we need help to give us the time to focus on the things that matter the most. Let Cleaner Care take care of your domestic cleaning and make time for you.

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