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Christmas for the non-Christmassy

Christmas, although exciting and warm and nostalgic, demands quite a lot of us. Christmas adverts on the telly and the thrum of German markets almost emotionally blackmail us – there’s all this love in the air, so why aren’t we excited?

It takes a great deal of energy to be consistently enthusiastic, and most of us can’t maintain it for 4 – 6 weeks, especially considering that for some people, Christmas highlights not what they have, but perhaps what they’ve lost.

It’s absolutely okay to not feel like Santa’s jolliest elf throughout December, however, if you’re keen to get involved, there are a few things you can do to bring a little pixie dust this month!

1. Don’t leave yourself short.

It’s really upsetting to know how many people leave themselves in a financial hole over Christmas. The money you spend has no correlation with how much you love your family, or how much fun you’ll have.

Making mince pies is a lovely festive pastime, but buying all the baking gear can be expensive. Shop-bought ones warmed in the oven will be just as delicious!

Handmade gifts are often cheaper to make, but sometimes only cheaper than their shop-bought alternative. Do your sums before you start spending, and don’t feel guilty when you have to say “Nope!”

2. Do something nice for someone else

Christmas brings out the best in people, and there’s no better time of year to be generous. Bringing Christmas cheer to another person will make you forget about all the fluff and remind you what’s important.

Want to do something kind but stuck for ideas? Check out our recent blog on giving back!

3. Create your own tradition

Dreading the thought of church services on cold pews? Would you prefer to sleep in later on Christmas Day? Nothing will dampen your excitement more than dwelling on all the things you absolutely don’t want to do during your precious time off.

Don’t do anything you don’t want to, just for the sake of tradition. What’s the point if it’s making you unhappy?

Have beef with your Christmas dinner, put your Christmas tree up whatever day you like (or not at all!) and throw out all of your Christmas jumpers if you think doing that will make Christmas more enjoyable for you and your family.

4. Don’t be a martyr

You may be a figure of yuletide joy among your loved ones, but are you overdoing it? It’s great if you generally enjoy the planning and preparing, but there is absolutely no reason why you should be doing all of the work.

The key here is to delegate. You must communicate when you’re feeling overwhelmed, because loved ones may leave you to it if they think you are enjoying it all like usual.

If your seasonal mojo is off because you’re just too stressed, ask for help.

5. Life goes on

Normal life doesn’t come to a halt just because we’re hearing White Christmas on a loop on every radio station. We still have to work, do the washing up and make sure the kids are getting their homework done.

Accept that you’re not going to have time to do all the quaint Christmas activities you see in every Hallmark movie. Write the ultimate wish list for December adventures, and circle the top three you’re most keen to do. Anything extra? Consider it a bonus!

Don’t worry yourself thinking that a lack of anticipation leading up to the main event will mean that Christmas will be naff. We hope that you start hearing sleigh bells soon, but we’re sure you’ll have a fantastic time either way!

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