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Beautiful bathrooms – here’s how

According to a recent survey, cleaning the loo is officially the most hated chore in America. No surprises there – very few people enjoy cleaning the bathroom!

While most of us are quite good at giving it a quick wipe-over, we can be a little less disciplined when it comes to giving it a deep clean. However, it is an essential household maintenance task and one that is better done regularly to avoid nasty and hard-to-shift build-up like damp and mould.

Here’s our guide to making your bathroom sparkle, from the quick surface-clean between deep cleans to the more thorough jobs, only necessary once every few weeks or months.

1. Get kitted out

Maintaining a clean bathroom is far easier when the room is well-equipped to begin with. Work some storage capability into the room – even the smallest bathroom can benefit from a small shelf or under-sink storage caddy.

Once you have this, the main cleaning products will be to hand when you need them. Your bath and shower seals should be regular replaced and of a high quality. Use antifungal sealants on clean and dry surfaces when first applied and ensure your grouting doesn’t have cracks.

2. Five-minute fixes

We say it all the time, if you keep on top of general cleaning, you’ll save hours each week on more thorough cleaning tasks across the home.

As you make any splashes of soap, toothpaste or shaving gel, wipe them up and rinse the surface. Rather than deploy huge amounts of elbow grease each week to keep the glass shower screen sparkling, you can make a homemade spray with some diluted all-purpose cleaner in a spray bottle with a mist nozzle. If you spray a light spritz over the shower screen as you get out, you’ll  break down soap residue so it doesn’t dry in place.

3. Purge the bathroom

Clutter can make a room look so much worse than it is. By avoiding letting things accumulate in the bathroom it’ll look better from the off.

Regularly empty the laundry hamper, throw out cardboard tubes once the toilet roll is finished with and try to only have one set of shampoo and conditioner on the go at once. Bathroom bins do tend to fill slower than others in the home, but they’ll still need to be emptied every week to maintain a hygienic environment.

4. Get bold on mould

If your bathroom doesn’t have a window or only a small one, there is a risk of mould and mildew developing in warm and wet conditions over time, particularly if you don’t take steps to prevent it. Ventilate the room as best you can by keeping the extractor fans (if they are fitted) running, open any windows and leave the door open so moisture and heat can be removed via the neighbouring rooms.

Not only will the room be cleaner and healthier, it’ll smell much more pleasant and keep bathroom fittings looking fresh for longer.

If you do spot patches of mould in the bathroom, apply a little neat bleach to the discoloured area (it works really well on a cotton ball) to restore the whiteness. Eventually, the seal will need completely replacing, but you can stave this off for a long time with a little maintenance.

5. Looking ahead 

Where possible, create an itinerary for the bigger tasks… they can grow out of all proportion if left too long! The floor is a breeding ground for germs, so keep it clean and mop regularly, especially in the corners and behind the sink and toilet stands.

Check ceilings and paintwork for the first signs of damp or mould, clean the shower hose and mains water pipes, and generally make sure the nooks and crannies of the room aren’t harbouring any dirt that could become a health issue in the future.

For a sparkling showerhead, put it in a bucket or plastic container and cover it with white vinegar. Leave it to soak in vinegar for about an hour, and then take the shower head out and rinse it with water.

With regular light cleaning, the long-term tasks should be fewer, but that doesn’t mean you can forget about them. But, if its still too much, why not give CleanerCare a call? We love the cleaning jobs you hate! Get in touch today.

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