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Amazing (and easy) ways to transform your outdoor spaces!

Whether you have a tiny patio or an expansive garden our at-a-glance guide to creating a luxurious outdoor area will help you take full advantage of warm weather.

Read on for lots of affordable and creative ideas to try in your own outdoor spaces – you’ll be the envy of your garden party guests! 

garden ideas

Cuddle up

A cosy loveseat tucked away in the corner of the garden is perfect for relaxing in and can be made uber romantic by surrounding it with some colourful blooms (with the added bonus of some extra privacy). 

Hang fairy lights

With romance in mind, the soft glow of well-placed lighting is the quickest, most effective way of enhancing a cosy vibe.

Go continental

Enjoying a meal outdoors is a novelty for us Brits and, even if you can’t manage a full dining set, dedicate a space to enjoy a cup of coffee or a cool glass of wine.

A room with a view

We generally arrange our garden furniture with all the seats facing each other on a patio. If your garden overlooks a great view, consider arranging furniture so you can enjoy it together.

Psychedelic stones

This idea is great fun because it requires some craft time, first! Head out on a family walk and collect some stones, then spend an afternoon painting them (choose water resistant paints and seal the rocks to keep them looking vibrant for longer). Arrange around plant pots and flower beds to add some personality to the garden.

Swing life away 

Your international travel plans might be on hold, so hang a hammock in a shady area and pretend you’re in the Bahamas!

Mix it up

If you enjoy an outdoor tipple, why not build your own bar? It’s a pretty big project but costs are comparatively small for what you get and it’ll add a new dimension for social distanced socialising.

Freshen up the front garden

You may be busy dreaming up back garden ideas for upcoming summer fun, but does your front garden need some love, too? We often neglect this space, but it’s the sight that welcomes you home so we’d encourage you to consider how to make it more inviting.

One of the easiest ways to smarten up the front garden is with flowers. Clear your front porch and add some strategically placed hydrangeas or a honeysuckle plant. Another way is to border your path and create a multi-coloured walkway to the front door – lavender and red yucca works beautifully, especially when paired with some stick lamps! 

Small spaces

Don’t let anyone tell you that a small garden is beyond hope. Even with a limited space, you can maximise the ways you can use it and make it beautiful with just some small tweaks.

Fold it up

Foldable umbrellas and chairs can add function and personality to your garden without cluttering it when the furniture isn’t in use. To make the chairs seem really vibrant, have some brightly-coloured throw pillows on hand.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

Adding a mirror will instantly create a sense of space but it will also catch the light really nicely and make the garden feel really enigmatic.

Invest in a convertible fire pit

Fire pits have become a garden staple in recent years but you may struggle to accommodate a seating area and a fire pit. To combat this, invest in a table that either converts into a fire pit or that features a fire pit at the centre that can be covered when not in use. 

Plant up

If you’re green-fingered, you’ll quickly run out of space for blooms. Install a fence that you can hang plant pots on and go crazy!

Window dressing 

What could be more quaint than a window box? SImply put, you can enjoy it both outside and in!

Even as lockdown measures ease, we’re still spending lots more time at home. Why not kick back in your own personal paradise?

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