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10 indispensable items for your holiday home

A holiday home should be everything its name promises – not just a place to stay while on holiday, like a hotel, but a genuine home away from home with the kind of essentials and little luxuries you are accustomed to.

Imagine arriving at your holiday home to find no kitchen, leaving you to go out for every meal including breakfast and light snacks… or no entertainment like a TV or radio for evenings in.

While nobody is expecting a holiday home to have everything your household would need to live there full-time, there are certain must-haves to ensure a happy stay – and here are ten of the best.

Guests expect your holiday cottage to be a home away from home

1. Beds and bedding

It sounds obvious, but versatile bedding is a must if guests are to sleep comfortably – including thicker blankets for winter, and bigger fitted sheets for beds that can be extended or pushed together.

2. Tea and coffee

Teabags and coffee are handy to have in stock, and there are plenty of long-life or powdered milk and creamer options that will suffice until you can get to a shop for fresh milk.

3. Towels

Most guests won’t expect clean towels every day of their stay, but a plentiful supply in good condition and matching colours helps to create the right impression.

4. Mirrors

Have at least one good full-length mirror for guests to check their outfit, and ideally one in each bedroom, with a good-quality close-up mirror in the bathroom for make-up and shaving.

5. Travel adaptor

For guests coming from abroad, a travel adaptor ensures any essential electricals can be plugged in. Likewise, a universal phone charger is a good item to have on-hand.

6. Fans and heaters

Climate shock can be as much of a surprise to the system as culture shock – with a simple desk fan, tower fan or compact room heater, it’s easy to adjust at least one room to a more comfortable temperature.

7. Wi-Fi

This might not be possible in remote areas, but where high-speed wireless internet is available, guests will expect to have the option to connect to it.

8. iPod dock

The universal iPod dock connector means most iPhones can also connect to play music through docks’ speaker systems, allowing guests to charge their phone while enjoying their own playlist.

9. Torch and batteries

In case of a power cut, have a stash of torches and batteries – candles are an alternative too, but you might not want to encourage guests to light naked flames.

10. Cleaning products

Nobody is going to spend their holiday doing household chores, but it’s important to be able to clean up after yourself, especially after a spillage – so have a sensible selection of cleaning products in stock just in case.

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