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Cleaning tips for hay fever sufferers

Over the last couple of weeks, Britain's basked in a spell of pleasant weather and the forecast's lo ... continue reading

Preparing your garden for a summer of sun and fun

With sunny days on the up and the evenings becoming longer, Summer is definitely on the way! The ... continue reading

Cleaning chores the kids can help with

The school holidays are always a test of parenting skills; they're a balancing act of keeping the ki ... continue reading

Top tips for a hassle-free laundry day

Urgh, not more washing! How many times have we all said it? How many times have we prayed to see th ... continue reading

Simple ways to add a sense of place for holiday home guests

Bring ‘hiraeth’ to your holiday home: tips for giving visitors a sense of place

When people book a holiday to North Wales, it’s for a reason. Maybe it’s because they enjoy lear ... continue reading

Ideas for keeping your office desk clean and tidy

Is your desk a messy, disorganized pile of clutter, rather than a calming, tranquil space for you to ... continue reading

DIY cleaning solutions

5 DIY cleaning solutions

The weather's still a bit iffy but one thing's for sure. Spring is on the way and with it the eponym ... continue reading

10 indispensable items for your holiday home

A holiday home should be everything its name promises - not just a place to stay while on holiday, l ... continue reading

Regular cleaning keeps your home germ free

Germs be gone! Tips for keeping your home germ-free

So far this winter season we've endured storms Angus, Barbara, Conor and, most lately, Doris that wr ... continue reading

hassle-free holiday cottage cleaning services

Holiday home owners, would you like a hassle-free changeover?

Is keeping on top of cleaning your holiday home an ongoing struggle? One of the biggest issues when ... continue reading

laundry tasks

5 daily tasks to keep cleaning chaos at bay

In our last blog, we talked about the benefits of decluttering your home. Whether you’ve conquered ... continue reading


New Year: resolve to declutter

In our new blog we explain why and how decluttering your house is good for a healthy body, home and ... continue reading

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